Quagga Camp and Leisure

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Description of the location:

Ozondati Village, Ohungu Conservancy, Erongo Region

Eco-friendly tourism Camp and Liesure Facility
Main category:
Additional categories:
Non-urban infrastructure
Risk rating:
C (Low)
EIA underway

Proponent name:
Silba Ndjihaire
Proponent website:

EAP company:
Trinity Environmental Solutions (TES)
EAP contact person:
Don Muroua
EAP phone number:
EAP EAPAN* membership status on the date of advertisement:

*EAPAN = Environmental Assessment Professionals Association of Namibia. See the EAPAN website for more info, and a list of EAPAN members.

Date advertised:
15 November 2023, 23 November 2023, 23 November 2023
Deadline for IAP inputs:
Publications where advertised:
New Era, The Namibian, New Era